Wildness, passion and desire. Deeply hidden emotions were reflected in the unique Pirells Innovative Calendar 2016. The main roles were played by Monika Ordowska and Anita Sikorska. The story in the calendar loosely hints at Ridley Scott’s ‘Thelma and Louise,’ which, together with the song ‘Born to be Wild,’ was an inspiration for this project.


For the second time, the photos were taken by Tomasz Zienkiewicz – a photographer whose work focuses on sensuality, femininity and emotions. He collaborates with the best models and magazines in the industry, and his photos are well-known and respected around the world.


The Pirells Innovative Calendar 2016 comprises twelve pages that tell the story of a meeting between two women. One of the characters in the calendar decides to bring along a mysterious stranger, a woman whom she meets by pure chance. Their decision to take a trip together is the start of an incredible adventure. The women become close, and the emotions and feelings that bind them are visible in each of the scenes. The stranger gains the trust and respect of her companion. But the end of the story comes as a surprise. The hitchhiker deprives her victim of her car, money, and dreams. In this way, she crushes her hopes for the future. Each image is preceded by an episode resembling one of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, announcing the following month and a subsequent stage in the story.

The premiere of the calendar took place at Fabryka Trzciny. Guests could enjoy a gallery of the photos contained in the calendar, as well as those which could not be included in it. Each guest was presented with a copy of the calendar.


The whole story presented in the calendar is also shown as a short video.


At the time of creating the calendar, other videos were produced to promote it. The first teaser was released early to give a foretaste of the premiere itself.

The story of the Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2016

The calendar was placed in exclusive packaging that complemented the entire project.
Pirells Innovative was responsible for the design and production of the packaging and the calendar. It also designed and made the invitations to the calendar premiere. Both packs had to create a consistent whole – the invitation package is a smaller copy of the actual calendar package.


The packaging was nominated for a prestigious award in the packaging market – the Art of Packaging Professional 2016 in the Premium category.

Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2016 – PREMIERE
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2016 – MAKING OF
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2016 – BONUS