Life is a game… Play it with your own rules – this was the slogan for our 2017 calendar. It all started with the search for inspiration itself. The process was very intense. In the end, we chose ‘Indecent Proposal’ starring Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford. It matched the atmosphere of the calendar perfectly, and became part of the story we told – seen from the creators’ perspective, of course.


The story in the calendar is based on emotions, desire, passion, betrayal and an attempt to take revenge. Our idea was to make the audience feel the same emotions when looking at the images. If they could hear the rock music that inspired the creators during the photo shoot, the atmosphere of the calendar itself would be complete.


The calendar tells the story of a woman who decides to immerse herself in her past and take revenge on her ex-girlfriend and her new partner. She challenges them to take part in an indecent game, where the prizes are either car keys, or the current partner of her former girlfriend. The besotted girls hesitate for a long time before they agree to play. They are torn by conflicting emotions. But they decide to put their values aside and take the risk. Unfortunately, the game ends in the couple’s defeat. Despite a fierce fight, the former girlfriend succeeds in kidnapping the new partner of her past lover and runs away with her. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the girls become close and enjoy some steamy moments at a roadside hotel. The adventure ends with the appearance of the girlfriend they left alone. The game is now over and it becomes apparent that the girl set them up. She did not care about either of the girls, the car, or the prize. She only wanted revenge.

The Pirells Innovative Calendar 2017 was intended to be unique and exceptional – this applied to the entire project: from the idea through its implementation, to the way it would be presented to the world.


Therefore, no cars were shown; instead, emotions were put first. Pretty scenes were abandoned in favour of “grittier,” true ones. Some commonly accepted conventions and taboos were broken. The calendar shows dust, dirt, alcohol and cigarettes – all of these make the calendar unique. This, combined with the rawness of the uncoated paper on which it was printed, with shades of black and grey which dominate the calendar, puts in our hands a complete story in perfect frames.

The story of the Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017

The Pirells Innovative Calendar 2017 featured three awesome models – Monika Ordowska, known from the previous year, and the equally beautiful Magdalena Perlińska and Klaudia Ragus. The photos were again taken by Tomasz Zienkiewicz.


The whole story presented in the calendar is also shown as a short video. At the time of the calendar’s creation, other videos were also produced to promote the event.

The premiere of the calendar took place at Reduta Banku Polskiego on 26 November 2016. Like in the previous year, our guests could enjoy a gallery of photos from the calendar. They could also enjoy Black Jack, roulette, and poker tables – thanks to which everyone could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the calendar.

Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017 – PREMIERE
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017- MAKING OF
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017 – TEASER 1
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017 – TEASER 2
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017 – TEASER 3
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2017 – TEASER 4

Like every year, the calendar was complemented by beautiful packaging designed and made by Pirells Innovative. This time, the invitation to the premiere contained a poker chip that tied in with the atmosphere of the entire calendar. What is more, a watchful eye will notice the chips in certain scenes. The calendar was produced as a limited version and was not intended for sale.