Mirror yourself and decide what you see – this is the slogan for Pirells Innovative Calendar 2018. That year, the calendar was intended to convey an atmosphere, not a story itself. The project was loosely inspired by the atmosphere of ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘Sin City,’ and the incredible feel of film noir.


The script for the Pirells Innovatie Calendar 2018 was created by Pirells Innovative. Again, the photos for this calendar were taken by Tomasz Zienkiewicz. Two photo models took part in the photo shoot: Paula Tumala and Kamila Gongała.


The aim was to create dark, smoke-infused, taboo breaking – but also sensual and tasteful – photographs. The story told on the pages of the calendar was intended to inspire us to reflect on how certain decisions affect the way we see ourselves. A young girl, taking her first steps in the world of erotic dance and dirty money, learns from an experienced mentor. Although she is unable to find herself completely in this setting, dominated by her friend, she drifts further into darkness and turns to evil. In the end, she decides to break away from the other girl’s control and eliminate her teacher… although until the very end she does not know whether she will be able to look at herself again in the same way. She goes ahead with her plan and betrays the last scraps of good to be found in herself. This story forces us to wonder whether it is worth crossing certain lines – in the end, we are left in front of a mirror completely alone. The consequences and results of the actions we take are an inherent part of human existence, and the stigma of one’s decisions stays with us for the rest of our life.

The story of the Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2018

The story told in the Pirells Innovative Calendar is also shown in the video which was created at the same time as the calendar. The calendar was announced with a teaser that gave a foretaste of the story presented at the premiere of the calendar. The project is complemented by a backstage video that shows how the calendar was made.


The calendar was placed in premium packaging designed and produced by Pirells Innovative. Invitations to the calendar premiere were created in the same style. Each invitation was accompanied by a bullet shell that hinted at the main plot of the calendar and its surprising finale.

Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2018 – PREMIERE
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2018 – MAKING OF
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2018 – TEASER