From the very beginning, the fifth edition of the Pirells Innovative Calendar has been accompanied by the slogan: “Life if freedom. Live your life.” Pirells Innovative Calendar 2019 takes us to a world of freedom, spontaneous travel and night dancing on the beach.


The story presented in the calendar is based on a script written by Pirells Innovative. The photos were once again taken by Tomasz Zienkiewicz.


This year’s calendar is different than our previous ones, as the photos also feature a male model. Previously, women were the main characters in the calendar. In producing the Pirells Innovative Calendar 2019, the following talents were invited to take part in the photo shoot: Miss of Poland Runner-up, Marta Kaczmarczyk, photo model Urszula Święcicka, and photo model Piotr Gruszewski.


The calendar was inspired by the hippy era – a time of open-mindedness and freedom of choice. The atmosphere in the calendar is in harmony with the music of that crazy period. The calendar tells a story of how one person can change a journey and an entire life. As a result, a girl who is in love chooses freedom and the feelings she is yet to discover. She decides to radically change her life and cut her old ties. Subtle, emotional scenes present a story with an unexpected finale. This suggests to viewers that the story of their lives is defined only by their own decisions. To sum up: our choices are unlimited, and each choice opens up a path to another choice.


The story on the pages of the calendar is presented as a short  film full of emotion.

The story of the Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2019

A teaser presented before the premiere aroused interest and gave a foretaste of the calendar that was being created. A short backstage video showed the process of the calendar’s creation and the tremendous amount of joy we had working on it.


The calendar was placed in luxurious packaging designed and produced by Pirells Innovative. Invitations to the calendar premiere were made in the same style and contained a hint of the hippy theme in the form of a cord with beads. Together, these two packs make up an integral whole.

The packaging of Pirells Innovative Calendar 2019 was nominated for a prestigious award in the packaging market – Art of Packaging Professional 2019 in the Freestyle category.

Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2019 – PREMIERA
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2019 – MAKING OF
Pirells Innovative CALENDAR 2019 – TEASER